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Recovery Toolbox for DWG helps to fix bad DWG files with AutoCAD drawing images.

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How to repair an AutoCAD file

dwg repair

A step-by-step instruction for how to recover a corrupted *.dwg file with an AutoCAD project or drawing:

  1. Download Recovery Toolbox for DWG from here:
  2. Install Recovery Toolbox for DWG on your computer
  3. Start Recovery Toolbox for DWG
  4. Select corrupted *.dwg file on first page of Recovery Toolbox for DWG
  5. Click the Analyze button
  6. Preview the recovered objects from the damaged DWG file
  7. Click the Start recovery button to export the data into a new AutoCAD project

How to recover a damaged AutoCAD *.dwg file

Recovery Toolbox for DWG is an advanced data repair tool for damaged AutoCAD *.DWG files. The program allows you to restore data from a corrupted AutoCAD drawing project in a few simple steps. Simply follow the instructions and wait for the program to analyze the damaged file, identify recoverable resources, and export recovered objects into a new AutoCAD project.

Features of AutoCAD DWG Repair Tool:

  • Recover all versions of *.dwg files created using AutoCAD 2000/2004/2007/2010 and higher
  • Preview of recovered objects with zoom, move, and rotate functions
  • No special skills required
  • Automatic detection of version of *.dwg files
  • Additional functions for more correct data recovery
  • Export recovered data directly into AutoCAD
  • Select AutoCAD version for export, if several versions of AutoCAD are installed
  • Multilanguage interface
  • DWG Viewer Tool
  • Displays the contents of damaged AutoCAD graphics data files

DWG Repair software

How to repair a corrupted AutoCAD drawing project DWG file

How can you recover a DWG file? The .DWG recovery tool opens your damaged AutoCAD project and exports data into a new drawing. The DWG recovery tool does not use AutoCAD libraries to read files. To expedite the process, you can manually specify the version of the DWG file to be recovered.

The DWG file recovery tool box exports the extracted data directly into AutoCAD. If you don't have it installed, you will see a corresponding notification. If you have several versions of AutoCAD installed on the same system, the DWG repair tool will let you choose the one the data should be exported to.

  • The program can only recover files created using AutoCAD version 15 (AutoCAD 2000) and higher. The program does not recover AutoCAD data files from earlier versions.
  • The software supports exporting recovered data into AutoCAD 2000 or higher.
  • The software cannot export recovered data into AutoCAD LT. OLE Automation is blocked in AutoCAD LT.

Free DWG File Viewer

Recovery Toolbox for DWG is very convenient to use for viewing the contents of any .dwg file - damaged and standard .dwg file - even if you do not have an AutoCAD or any similar tool installed. Recovery Toolbox for DWG allows you to review the content of DWG files for an unlimited number of times also using:
  • Scaling/zooming a drawing
  • Displacement of drawing objects
  • Rotations of objects in the project

I.e., Recovery Toolbox for DWG provides a full preview of AutoCAD drawings, even if they are damaged. And it's free for an unlimited number of uses.

How to Open a Corrupted DWG Dile for Free

Recovery Toolbox for DWG allows you to open a corrupted AutoCAD DWG file and display all the data from the project's drawing on the preview page.

How to Restore AutoCAD

To restore damaged AutoCAD projects, you can use the latest backup or try to use Recovery Toolbox for DWG. With a very high probability, Recovery Toolbox for DWG can restore data from the .dwg files to their original state before they were damaged. To verify this statement, it is necessary to:
  • Download, install, and run the DEMO version of Recovery Toolbox for DWG.
  • Select a damaged .dwg file.
  • Run the analysis of a damaged DWG file.
  • Review the recovered drawing on the preview page.
  • Export recovered data to a new AutoCAD project - available in the full version.

How to Fix a DWG File

If you need to fix the corrupted AutoCAD DWG file, then the full version of Recovery Toolbox for DWG allows you to do it in a few clicks. DWG files can be fixed by copying the corrected data from the damaged .dwg file to a new AutoCAD project - AutoCAD must be installed to export data in the full version. The tool doesn't fix or modify the existing DWG file. All recovered data transfers to a new project.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above


In the menu Tools-Options program options are separated into two parts: Recovery method and Additional. The Recovery method tab enables choosing from three available file recovery algorithms:

  • Direct read. Direct file reading algorithm. This tries to find objects using tables and addresses from file headings. The quickest method, but very sensitive to errors.
  • Recovery read. Recovery read for every DWG format version uses its own methods for searching objects in files. The method does not depend on tables or addresses. After all objects have been found in the file the program uses special algorithms to recover connections between objects.
  • Recovery read + Direct read. Combined method. First recovery read is run, then the program searches for tables in files. If it finds tables, then it recovers a more accurate draft. If there is no table, then the result will be analogous to the Recovery Read option.

The Additional tab enables setting certain additional program parameters:

  • Recover blocks without INSERTs. If this option is turned on, then for those blocks which do not have insertion points, new insertion points will be forcibly created. This option guarantees that all recovered blocks will appear on the draft. If this option is turned off, then only blocks for which corresponding insertion points were found in the file will appear on the draft. (Blocks, in this context are BLOCK type objects, and insertion points are INSERT type objects. Roughly speaking, if it is necessary to recover the maximum, then turn on this option.. If it is necessary just to recover the exact position of the blocks, without any extra rubbish, then turn off this option).
  • Convert anonymous blocks to normal blocks. Autocad creates auxilliary anonymous blocks for displaying certain objects, such as dimension, hatch, etc. It is impossible to create such a block oneself. This option converts anonymous blocks found in the file into ordinary blocks, which makes it possible to recover them on draft. (Like the previous point, if you want to restore to a maximum, turn the option on. If you want to remove extra objects, turn off the option).
  • Smart decompress. Use nonstandard algorithms to unpack data. These algorithms are significantly faster than usual ones, however, there is a small chance that they might miss some data in the file.
Note: the program can only recover files of the AutoCAD version 15 (AutoCAD 2000) and higher. The program does not recover AutoCAD data files of earlier versions.


Before exporting data that has been restored from a program in AutoCAD you will want to adjust your security settings to the minimal level.

  1. Select Options on the main menu
  2. Click on the System tab
  3. Click on the Security Options button
  4. Set the Security Level value to Off
  5. Click on the OK button


You should:

  1. If you know which version of AutoCAD the damaged file was saved in, please indicate this version in the DWG Version menu. In this case recovery algorithms will be applied only for the version indicated, which significantly decreases the file recovery time. If Autodetect is selected, then, for the damaged file, recovery algorithms will be applied for all versions. Explanation of DWG versions:
    • R2000 Is used in AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2000i, AutoCAD 2002.
    • R2004 Is used in AutoCAD 2004, AutoCAD 2005, AutoCAD 2006.
    • R2007 Is used in AutoCAD 2007, AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD 2009.
    • R2010 Is used in AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD 2011.
  2. Make sure that Smart Decompress option, located in Tools-Options-Additional is on. If the option is on, then the program uses modified data unpacking methods. They are faster than standard methods, however, some data may be missed. If the option is off, then the program uses standard data unpacking methods.

Please select a damaged DWG file on first page of repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox for DWG

Press Analyze button

Press Start recovery button to export drawing into AutoCAD directly

Selection of a damaged DWG file

File analysis

Overview of the recovered data

Export of the recovered DWG data

Log file

Customer's reviews and ratings

Micaela Gay04-28-2021

Convenient, especially when your home PC without AutoCAD. When I arrived at work, I already received a link to my repaired file, but I downloaded it from home at 9 pm, and received it only by the morning of 4 am.

Ashlee Patton04-05-2021

Believe it or not, my i7 / 16GB / SSD computer took 2 days to repair the DWG file. 2 days!! I did not turn off my horse for 2 days. A very long process. In the end, I began to worry not about the file, but about the laptop, so that it would not go out of power. Fortunately, everything went well, I received a completely working drawing.

Saul Tapia03-16-2021

Was able to repair the corrup AutoCAD drawing, but could not open it. If you are using AutoCAD LT, please change the version or ask for technical support.


Better than nothing. Received a sketch of the drawing. AutoCAD itself said that the file is not recoverable.

Amanda de Cadenet02-16-2021

Acquired a personal license for Recovery Toolbox for DWG to save on fixing 3 files. The price for online recovery for 3 files would be $30, and the license price is $27, and in the end it would save $3. Unfortunately, we managed to fix only 2 files :) The third file was not recoved even via online.

Samhear Zoysia02-03-2021

I keep in touch, before repairing in the program, select your version of AutoCAD in the options. And then we struggled for an hour with the fact that the fixed file was just closing, as it turned out I had a very old version of AutoCAD.

Ozil Kemran ogli01-21-2021

I thought the program removes everything that might interfere with opening the .DWG file correctly. In the trial version of the program, layers were displayed without their filters applied. After purchasing the license and the command to repair the file, I saw all the layer properties in a full-fledged fixed file.

Kenneth Randall12-23-2020

Fixed several issues in the .DWG file: 1. The file took a long time to open 2. Failed to insert items 3. The text could not be edited

Jenesis Nathan12-11-2020

If it were not for the online restoration, I would not even have started downloading the program, since I was interested in the restoration of a 3D object. The site does not say about this anywhere. I decided to just see how the online service works, in the end I got a fully working and restored version of the 3D drawing. P.S on the video it is not clear what was restored in the end

Marisol Brantley08-06-2020

Unfortunately, your program was unable to recover the lost password from the .DWG file.


I find old AutoCAD drawings in my Windows Mail backup, opening these drawings fails. I downloaded the program to feel nostalgic about my work))


We are a small company engaged in the calculation of materials based on .DWG drawings. Our server crashed and all the files in it. They managed to recover the drawings from the hard drives, but there AutoCAD cannot open errors and some drawings. We are glad that your program has helped to restore most of our drawings.


My AutoCAD drawing does not open. I tried to open any automatically saved version of the .DWG file, but it is also corrupted. Only part of the work was restored.


Using the native AutoCAD tool, I tried to repair the damaged file, but as a result I got Recover.dwg, which was created by an incompatible version of AutoCAD. When I opened this file, it showed an empty drawing, but the file size was large. Through your program, I was able to preview the contents of the .DWG file and restore it.


I had a problem with the file. When I try to open it, I get a message that the file is invalid - "The drawing file requires recovery". Errors were found in the drawing. File cannot be opened without recovery. After recover file, managed to open file in AutoCAD 2002, not bad!


After the error "Drawing file is not valid" in AutoCAD, I decided to take advantage of the online recovery. I upload the file, and in the preview, I saw an empty sheet, there was no data from the damaged DWG file. It turns out my sketch became huge and crossed the borders of the sheet. For such repair an AutoCAD file I put 4 stars.

salman khan02-01-2020



This blog is amazing and thanks for this information AutoCAD Recovery tool AutoCAD Repair Software thanks for sharing us...


The preview in the tool work better then the preview in AutoCAD. Software work slow but it repaired lost objects.


Software restored only 95% of corrupted data in demo mode.


Most of .dwg files was repaired. But not all files of AutoCAD can be repaired.

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